Studying Japanese

One day, I realized that, I was encountering with a lot of problems in my work. And Japanese was the most important cause. My job need Japanese.
I want to use Japanese to communicate, read document, send email with customers. So I decided to study it.
In the first time approach to Japanese, I found that it wasn't too difficult to learn and I had a passion for learning. I learned by myself, I really got the good results from that effort.
After a long time giving up studying Japanese because of many reasons, I came back to study. But I couldn't remember anything, I couldn't recognize the Japanese symbols although which are simple words, simple dialogs. I had spent a lot time to learn all again.
This time, I think I have to study in a serious and strict manner and have to learn by repetition.
That's right, To get good result, let combine power of team.

My friends, we will study Japanese together, aren't you?


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