List of 500 Chinese chracters(501-1000)

test harden achievement like climate cruise ease tell distinction vegetable most lumber previous tag printing kill guess participate give birth scatter remainder gentleman family name history director test child govern resign lose borrow kind circumference celebrate obey first pine laugh chant bake elephant illuminate prize retainer trust become government ministry pure quiet seat accumulate fold node theory shallow war choose so conflict godown nest bundle side continue graduate grandchild sash group attain simple put go-between savings portent intestines low bottom halt target code transmit junior toil lamp public chamber work special acquire poison heat thought failure plum Dr. meal fly expense without fail ballot signpost not husband attach urban prefecture vice- flour soldier separate environs change 便 convenience wrap method hope breed end full un- vein people nothing promise courage need foster bathe profit land good fee quantity wheel sort orders "cool example curriculum take along old man labor record pressure "shift cause eternity manage defense easy benefit fluid perform respond journey cherry grace possible sham value river go beyond congratulations cheerful untie status certain amount publish tree-trunk accustomed eyeball foundation approach rule skill righteousness inverted long time old times reside permit boundary level prohibition phrase flock manage undefiled affair ticket precipitous examine limit appear decrease circumstances individual safeguard effect thick till mineral construct entertain lecture mix investigate again disaster wife pick occasion exist wealth guilt miscellaneous acid approve branch intention branch expert resources domesticate indicate becoming discriminating quality cottage apologize instruct discipline mention art standard preface beckon aquiesce evidence clause form normal feelings weave employment control gender politics power refined manufacture tax blame exploits contact establish tongue discontinue coin ancestor elementary whole create statue increase rule fathom belong rate loss 退 retreat lend condition group cut off fabricate stretch present extent suitable enemy unite copper guide benevolence alone responsibility burn ability rend crime judge printing block compare fertilizer negative provide bag evaluate poor linen lady rich military again duplicate Buddha compile valve preserve grave report bountiful prevent 貿 trade outburst duty dream astray 綿 cotton transport too much deposit contain abbreviation detain territory uncommon bequeath range eaves reflect prolong 沿 run alongside ego ashes broaden leather tall divide stocks dry scroll watch over simplicity dangerous desk wave precious doubt suck offer bosom home town diligence muscle lineage respect guard against drama violent hole silk rights constitution origin strict self call mistake empress filial piety emperor deep red descend steel engrave grain bone become distressed sand sit settle judge scheme counter for books silkworm climax me 姿 shape look at poetry document magnet shoot throw away shaku young trees take in religion concerning masses obey vertical shrink ripen genuine dispose government office various exclude leader wound hurt castle steam needle benevolence droop infer measurement prosper holy sincerity proclaim specialty spring wash dye good play music window create attire stratum maneuver warehouse entrails suppose revered home shouldering grope nativity steps warmth value mid-air loyalty renowned government office place on the head tide fare pain expand chastise political party sugar deliver difficult milk recognize settlement brain sect worship back lungs haiku squad nightfall negate criticism secret abdomen stirred up row highness closed one-sided supplement livelihood treasure visit deceased forget rod sheet of... curtain secrecy alliance imitation translate mail superior infancy longing the following riot

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